Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The end of time and space

"The cornerstone for this millennium is the end of time and space. Most organizations today are run the same way as early-20th-century businesses. Everyone goes to his car, drives to work, has certain hours, has a certain job. It's all built on the factory model. Moving forward, it really isn't going to be important where you are in order to do your job. Ideas are being worked on 24 hours a day. Nobody seems surprised anymore if I wake up in the middle of the night and start IM-ing someone in Europe, because the fact is, they don't even know where I am. And it doesn't matter.

Fewer and fewer people will want to be employees of corporations, because corporations don't have anything to offer. Corporations don't provide security and provide fewer and fewer benefits. People may find new ways to sell their skills. I can imagine eBay or the equivalent of eBay being in the business of letting people bid on work all day long. Office buildings may turn into housing, or maybe individuals will rent office space as you would rent a hotel room.

And those individuals will compete with people from all over the world. This isn't globalization, because globalization to me feels big. I think it's the opposite, it's villagization--making everything smaller and in some sense more intimate. And that's very powerful. I'm totally capitalistic, but I don't like large organizations because they tend to want to control. If this reduces the power of corporations and governments to limit what human beings can do, the thing most exciting to me is the potential for everyone to participate."

By Avram Miller


At 2:10 PM, Blogger Pamela said...

Que interesante el concepto que expone el autor. Hace tiempo atras cuando estaba en la universidad escuche a un profesor hablar de la "glocalizacion" como fenomeno resultante de la globalizacion. Es decir, despues de la apertura total, de la homogeneizacion de la informacion circulante en el mundo, del quiebre de las barreras fisicas; surgiria un fenomeno inverso, la vuelta a la propia identidad, a las cosas y procesos hechos a la medida de cada uno, al autocontrol y la valorizacion de lo propio. Creo que por ahi va la busqueda de la libertad, segun como yo la entiendo...


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